Dump Your Ex-Girlfriend

She’s Always Bringing you down
When she’s around you’re all frowns
She’s completely depressed
And she doesn’t like us
She is dense in the head
I wish that she was dead
It’s time for you to reach the end
-Dump your ex-girlfriend

You said you would be just friends
And that you’d make amends
You said that you would be cool
You’d see each other in school
But when she called the next day
You could not get away
For the rest of your friends
-Dump your ex-girlfriend

(slow pretty part) I will work it all out
Then why’s she still around? She’ll be gone in a day
That’s what you told me last May. I don’t wanna hurt her too bad
But if you do you will be glad
I don’t care what occurs
Just get rid of her

You are still together
Things are not much better
You see her every day
It’s not healthy this way
Make things good like they were
Before there was a ‘her’
Just give it a whirl
Dump that bitch girl!