Strawberry Chapstick

Some people call them three small words
I think they're the biggest words that I've never heard
When I told her she is the one
I found out she just wants some fun
Fearing her response - what will she say
Just say nothing - she just wants to play

I want to say, I need to say
It goes through my mind every day
When I see you I get all warm inside
I love you so and I never lie
Baby, But how can I let you know
I really mean it, I love you so

When I said it last night it didn't fly
I guess she thought of me as just another guy
3 month rule, that's how she played
Never wanted someone who wanted to stay
That's why now I have so much fear
Even though I love you so, dear

You're different baby, I know that you care
I need to tell you, but should I dare?
When I tell you it can't be a mistake
I have to speak the truth, I can't be fake
When I look in your eyes, what should I do
There's nothing I can say, but baby I love you

I got the strength to say
I love you today
I look in your eyes, I love you
I love you